Thursday Thoughts

    Thursday Thoughts: Travel Blog & Life Update

    Travel Blog

    Ok, so I haven’t written a post for two months on this travel blog. But I hope you’ve been following us on Instagram and am up-to-date on what we’ve been up to.

    I guess you could say that a lot has happened since we’ve been back home. There has been some tough decisions made which I think I subliminally tried to delay. However, I knew that I was just putting our lives on hold by ignoring the inevitable fact that we were back home and our plans to continue with our travels would be placed on a lengthy hold.

    Travel Blog

    Our travel blog will still be around. No need to worry about that! We have a lot of travel related content that I need to put to paper and publish. (All this will come soon, I promise!) Also, you can look forward to content on Toronto! Who better to write about things to do and see, along with travel tips on Toronto than a couple who lives in Toronto!

    Home Is Toronto

    We have now found ourselves a more “permanent” home; a place we’re calling home for the next year. Upon moving in, I found myself relieved and happy to have a place where we could have all of our “stuff”. Living out of a suitcase with very minimal belongings (as a female) became a challenge after several months into our travels. Knowing that I had shoes to fit the different occasions made me long for them.

    Now we have our belongings with us… I still feel lost, frustrated and somewhat depressed. This reminds me that things do not represent happiness. Or does it??

    This feeling is similar to what I went through in Thailand. Our first official slow travel spot. I had thought that I was missing home and missing the amenities I was used to at home. However, I’m not sure anymore. Maybe I’m complicating my thoughts by dwelling on them??

    Thoughts & Feelings

    Today, here’s what I gather from all my current thoughts and feelings. I’ve lived in a big city for most of my life. Although I tend to enjoy the quiet and slow life, I thrive in a fast paced, high energy environment. I appreciate conversations in a nice dining establishment. I also love fashion and may have been a bit of a shopaholic prior to embarking on our travel adventures. Furthermore, the process of achieving a goal, whether as a team or individually, gives us so much more than the achievement alone.

    I think it was way too early for “retirement” for me. There isn’t a large community of younger retirees and I find it very lonesome. Maybe we just didn’t look in the right places, but I’m beginning to think that Ernest isn’t crazy for thinking he wanted to set goals (i.e. career goals) again.

    Embracing It All

    Maybe I will eventually grow into living the simple life full-time in the distant future. But, at this time, I think embracing the big city and all that it offers is right for me.

    I’m ready to embrace what may come and to stop letting time pass by questioning and thinking about what I want.

    “Without failing at one thing, there won’t be an opportunity to try again, learn and grow. Life isn’t static but dynamic. Learn to embrace whatever situation you may face and strive to overcome. Believe in yourself, knowing your best is yet to come.”

    I’m excited to continue sharing our journey with you all on this travel blog. I love reading about peoples’ experiences and thoughts on the different countries in this big world of ours and I hope we can share some of ours with you.

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