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About Us The Wandering Asian Couple

Welcome to our blog! We are Alicia and Ernest at The Wandering Asian Couple and we’re from Toronto, Canada. We retired early from the rat race and made a plan to slowly travel the world. (For more info on how we achieved this and how you can too, check out Ernest’s blog at

Who Are We?

Ernest and I are two banking professionals who decided to retire from the corporate world and from the daily routine of life. We are a couple with no kids. You could say that I’m (Alicia) somewhat of a neophile… I loathe repetition and routine, I am quickly bored and I struggle with the norm of a ‘family life’. I believe life should be much more than arriving to work day-in and day-out with family/friends time and chores on the weekends. While, on the other hand, Ernest is more laid back and would probably have been okay with the corporate world and climbing the corporate ladder (if it wasn’t for me). 🙂

We have always enjoyed travelling and have been to 31 countries thus far. We love exploring places, cultures and foods. Our hope is to share our experiences and any tips from our travels with you. Hopefully, we can inspire you to explore and travel the world.

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