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Celebrity Cruises The Wandering Asian Couple

With any cruise line, it’s always better to get on their newest or newer ships if you’d like a more up-to-date, modern decor. This review will be on the overall line of Celebrity Cruises and not necessarily on a specific ship.

Again, similar to Holland America, we have cruised with Celebrity many, many times. So many that on this travel journey alone which started at the end of September, we will have sailed with them on 4 different itineraries/sailings.

Celebrity Cruises


You’ll see a more diverse range of ages on Celebrity according to the sailing/itinerary. However, the median age is 50+. Mostly couples, but you’ll see a handful of families.

On average, we believe the passengers here are slightly more affluent and well-educated than on Holland America.

You’ll get the the loud, whistle blowing groups here as well which is pretty much non-apparent on Holland America.

Accommodation and Staterooms

Staterooms and accommodations on each ship are comparably alike. Since Celebrity ships are rated 5 with some 5.5 stars, the staterooms were on par with Holland America’s. (Here’s our review on Holland America, if you haven’t read it.)

Celebrity have 4 different fleet of ships as follows:

  • Galapagos Ships – these are smaller ships with up to 100 guests that sails around the Galapagos Islands. Ernest and I have not been on these ships since we have yet to visit the Galapagos Islands.
  • Millennium Class – these are mid-sized ships (up to 2100 passengers), as well as their older fleet. In stating that, these ships have been or are scheduled to be renovated and updated. They have or will be receiving the “Solstice” upgrades. The last time we were on one of these ships, we did notice that it was ready for an upgrade.
  • Solstice Class – these are their newer, more modern ships holding up to 3,000 guests. We will be on one of these ship for a total of approximately two months on this travel journey.
  • Edge Class – recently released fleet of ships with “a new standard of luxury” and innovation (according to Celebrity’s website).

With anything, you will see a difference in prices for newer ships. As well, the more “intimate” ships (ie. Galapagos Ships) with it’s smaller passenger totals, will have a more customer service oriented focus. Thus, the costs/price of these sailings will be reflective of this.

Cuisines and Dining

If you’re a health aficionado, you will for sure be able to keep to your healthy habits on Celebrity. In our opinions, the quality of food, snacks, and deserts available were at another level than Holland America’s offerings.

Again, there is a variety of foods available from grilled items such as burgers and hotdogs to a little something from the different cultures.

You will also find specialty restaurants (similar to other cruise lines) available for an additional fee, such as rustic Italian, modern Japanese, contemporary French and Asian Fusion cuisines.

Also, they are accommodating and cater for any food allergies that one may have. Unlike Holland America, which did have some gluten free options, but we don’t feel it was an adequate amount of options if someone was gluten intolerant.

Activities and Entertainment

Since their passengers include families, there are a good variety of activities available for all groups and ages. For example, there are culinary classes, wine tasting seminars, fitness classes, dance classes, live music venues throughout the ship at night, music by the pool with a DJ, friendly card game competitions, daily trivias, dance parties, karaoke, Enrichment speakers (ie. physicists, aerospace engineer), mixology classes, champagne art auctions and bartenders that will put on a show for you (sorry ladies, not that kind of show, but still a pretty good show).

On the Solstice class of ships, you will find private alcoves (for a fee) where you can have chilled towels, fresh fruit and the use of an iPad. An Alcove Butler will also be available to you during your time there. Fancy, huh? But in all honesty, not really our thing…having a butler, that is.

Spa and Gym

We have yet to use the spa on Celebrity since prices are normally exorbitant. For example, a manicure will cost you over $50 USD! And that’s regular polish (not gel)!

The gym, on the other hand, is very spacious and has everything one could need. There’s a full range of free weights, many cardio machines, mats, and bands.

On the Solstice class ships, it’s actually one of the largest gyms, from all the ships and cruise lines we’ve been on.

Drinks and Internet

Again, drinks and internet packages are sold separately. However, a lot of times you are able to find deals that include (at least) alcoholic drinks. Our tip is to wait for the deals that include a drink package. However, if you find a better deal which does not include drinks, then once the cruise is booked, you will be able to purchase the drink package separately (emails will be sent to you) prior to boarding your cruise. We recommend you purchase during this time and don’t wait until a few days prior to your cruise date or once onboard the ship. You’ll save 10% (at minimum) if you purchase it before boarding the ship.

On the other hand, internet wasn’t as high a demand in previous years. But, it is becoming more of a “necessity” today. It’s still crazy, expensive on a cruise. On Celebrity, we paid $287 USD for a cruise 14+ nights. And because we were on the ship for one month consecutively, we spent $574 USD for internet for one month!! Since we still have bills to pay (via online banking) and we needed to write these posts for you all, we kinda had no choice, right?!?


Similarly to Holland America and all 5 – 5.5 star ships, you will be charged gratuity per person, per day. As at March 2019, for an adult, expect to pay $14.50 USD per person, per day. However, there are deals (as mentioned previously) when purchasing the cruise which may include prepaid gratuities.

Always, look for specials or deals when looking for a cruise to purchase. We NEVER pay full/regular price for a cruise. There are ALWAYS deals!

Our Overall Rating

We give Celebrity Cruises an overall rating of 9/10. Being a slightly upscale line, with elegant public areas featuring high-end artwork and a sophisticated, modern decor. 

There is also a greater range of shopping available on their ships. For example, on the Solstice Class, you can find Tiffany & Co., name brand watches, diamonds, jewelry, etc. for duty free purchases. Moreover, they offer a wider variety of liquor for purchase at duty free prices.

Read about our rating on Holland America.

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