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Our Decision To Live A Nomadic Life

nomadic life The Wandering Asian Couple

What is a nomadic life? According to Webster Dictionary,

Nomad: a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory

The thought of becoming nomads started from my dislike of the cold winters in Toronto. I never got used to the cold weather and each year it became harder and harder.

Also, if you know me or have read our About Us, I get bored quite easily. We’ve moved (different houses) every 2-3 years.

Therefore, one might think that living a nomadic life would be quite fitting for me.

The Decision To Live A Nomadic Life

Becoming nomads was definitely not a goal we had set for ourselves. And the actual decision to live a nomadic life did not come easily. Would you be willing to not have a permanent place you can call home? And would you be ok being away from your family and friends? How about giving up your career and salary that you’ve worked hard on achieving?

Probably one of the toughest decision for us was giving up our salaries. It’s also almost unheard of at our age, but we’re obviously not into following the “norm”. Giving up both of our salaries which we worked years in achieving was hard. However, for us, we came to realize that the income wasn’t adding much to the happiness and experiences in our lives.

Over the past few years, money ceased to be a major driving factor of our “happiness”. For example, I would purchase a luxury item and be happy purchasing it, however once I brought it home it would be left unopened. I came to realize that these material things only provided temporary happiness.

I went from one extreme to the other in that I wanted to live absolutely free of all material things; even my home. It became my biggest motivation and, lucky for me, Ernest was supportive and onboard.

We both wanted to fully live our dreams while we’re still able to. I also believe that there is nothing more enriching than travelling for personal growth and knowledge development.

We knew we had the passive income to cover our living costs. (If you’d like to read more on that, check out Ernest’s blog.)

Therefore, it became an opportunity that we could experience now.

The Process To Live A Nomadic Life

Living a nomadic life didn’t mean not ever seeing family again. I am very attached to family and I know, us being away, was a concern in Ernest’s eyes. However, I knew we’d be “on the road” for a certain time, but would always be back to see family.

The most difficult decision for me was giving up material possessions. A lot of people become attached to material things; things that may be “sentimental” or maybe you think it’s still “useful” or it’s still in great condition or… any excuse you could dream up.

This was definitely tough for me, however eventually the process of getting rid of most of our things became very liberating. It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt free; free to go wherever I wanted; free to do what I wanted; nothing would hold us back.

Give it a try and it may surprise you. Donate or sell one item that you haven’t touched in the last year.

The Countdown To A Nomadic Life

The whole process leading up to the day we would leave almost felt surreal. Selling our home wasn’t anything new to us and neither was leaving our jobs. Several years back, we both left our jobs to travel temporarily (3 months). We went on a month long Mediterranean cruise and then on an East Coast Canada road trip. However, our mentality at that time was to eventually return to work.

This time felt a little different. We knew we’d be away for a much longer time; therefore, it sorta felt unreal. It was both exciting and a little scary at the same time. Excited to see a different part of the world; to live and experience life in another place. But scary of the unknown; not knowing the language, the culture and the place.

Our Nomadic Life Now

We sometimes still cannot believe this is our life. Overall, we’re learning a lot; not only about the places we’re in, but about ourselves. It’s one of the best experiences of our lives and we’re trying to cherish each and every day.

This is one of the reasons we write this blog and hope that it may inspire some of you to take the plunge or even to experience it here with us.

Thanks for coming along on our journey!

NOMADIC LIFE The Wandering Asian Couple

Nomadic Life The Wandering Asian Couple

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    Hi Alicia and Ernest,

    The above post is simple and relevant in my context.

    Thks for sharing your opinions and thoughts.


    January 13, 2019 at 1:37 am
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      Thank you! 🙂

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