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The Start Of A New Chapter In Our Lives

Travel Journey The Wandering Asian Couple

The process has begun … we have both quit our corporate jobs to travel the world. It still feels so surreal even though we’ve sold most of our belongings and have started making arrangements for our travel journey.

Travel Journey

Freedom from the rat race

How Did We Get Here?

If you’ve read About Us or just know us, I struggle with monotony and, lucky for me, Ernest is pretty easy going. My monotony was inherent in my job since I wasn’t stimulated to climb the corporate ladder. Maybe because I knew that there were ‘smarter’ ways to earn more.

We got here with Ernest’s savvy passive income techniques and investment expertise, as well as our real estate choices/compromises. (BTW, he teaches you his techniques on his blog – Steps To Early Retirement which he’s diligently working on setting up. It should be up in the next few weeks. Check it out soon!)

We all wield the power to shape our own narratives. And as such, I believe the decisions/outcomes we made, brought us to where we are today.

Travel Plans

Even though we love to travel, I have a hard time with long flights. Therefore, in order to bypass being stuck on an airplane for hours on end, we’ll try to hop on a cruise to get closer to our destinations. You can find cruises (which are basically all inclusive – lodging, entertainment, meals, snacks and sometimes drinks) for the same price as a flight! We also love cruising so it’s a no brainer for us. 🙂 It’s the best way to get closer to our destination while visiting different countries along the way without packing your suitcase — that’s just our opinion of course.

To start, we’ll be headed to Vancouver and hopping on a cruise which will take us through a few parts of Alaska and Japan. I know Alaska is beautiful, but unfortunately I’m not looking forward to the cold. We live in Canada and we don’t need anymore of it. After Alaska the cruise will take us to a few cities in Japan. From there we’ll head to Southeast Asia. Comment below and let us know what we must check out in those countries. It’ll be our very first time in Japan and we’re beyond excited!

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with our itinerary. However, I know for sure we’ll be in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia for a month or more in each of those places. In what order and when? We don’t know as of yet, but follow along and you’ll soon find out!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@thewanderingasiancouple) as well for more pics!

We hope to inspire YOU, to explore the world!

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