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Thursday Thoughts: Week 22 & 23 People Connection

Thursday Thoughts People Connection The Wandering Asian Couple

I’ve been pretty tardy with my weekly Thursday Thoughts and that’s because we’ve been enjoying the “people connection”. For week 22, we were in Perth, Australia visiting family.

Since being “on the road” for many months (just a tad over 5 months now), we’ve missed the daily interaction with our friends and family. Visiting and staying at Ernest’s cousin’s home at first felt a little awkward, to be truthful.

People Connection With Family

Ernest wasn’t very close to this cousin since he lives in Australia which is quite a distance away. And staying in someones home is never comfortable for us. But family is important to us and since we were travelling throughout Australia, we knew we had to stop by for a visit.

We were so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Both of us totally fell in love with the family and was so very comfortable in their home. We couldn’t thank them enough for their hospitality and wished our stay could’ve been longer. Miss them already!

This brought so many happy emotions and thoughts about family and the much needed people connection. Early on in this journey, we realized how much friends and family means to us. Now we wish that all our families were nearby so that we could spend time with each and everyone of them.


In week 23, after we sadly said goodbye to our wonderful family in Australia, we boarded a cruise ship in Auckland, New Zealand. One of the stops on this itinerary is to my dream destination and that is … Bora Bora. I actually never thought we’d visit Bora Bora in the near future since it was so far away from ‘home’. Therefore, this was really a dream come true for me.

We also see a difference with the passengers on this ship than on some of the other lines we’ve cruised with. The people connection here is so much easier and overall, it’s definitely a friendlier bunch. The reason being is that we feel the general majority are more affluent. From those we’ve met, they are professionals in the higher socio economic ladder.

I also feel that we are treated by other passengers as well as the crew equally with everyone else. Unlike some of the other cruise lines, where (at times) we both felt like an ‘outcast’; where we can blatantly see a difference in treatment from the crew towards specific races.

We’ve never cruised with this cruise line before and it is now our favourite. We’ll definitely have a post with our review so be sure to subscribe or check back so that you don’t miss it.

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