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Thursday Thoughts: Week 21 Cruise Life

Thursday Thoughts Cruise Life The Wandering Asian Couple

This weeks’ thought is on cruise life in early retirement. Ernest and I love cruising. Prior to embarking on this travel journey, we never considered retirement on a cruise ship; I think this was because of the costs.

For those who have never cruised, it’s similar to being at an all-inclusive resort; except you’re waking up in a new place or country. Like resorts, there’s a variety of foods/restaurants onboard a cruise ship; there are specialty restaurants from Japanese, Italian, and a steakhouse. You could also do buffet style, fine dining, or pub style with pizzas, burgers and hot dogs.

Also, in terms of activities, there are numerous themed bars onboard as well as nightly production shows, casinos, live music, dance clubs, spa, gym, library, shops, game rooms and the usual pools and hot tubs. Most of the larger ships even have skating rinks, zip lining, surfing, and rock climbing to name a few.

Since we dislike flying, when we were heading towards Southeast Asia, we boarded a cruise ship from Vancouver and disembarked in Japan (read about why we cruised rather than flew here). While in SE Asia, we met up with a family member and cruised throughout Asia.

This cruise triggered something which made us seriously think about cruise life in retirement. Think about everyday life without having everyday responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, purchasing household essentials such as toilet paper, napkins, etc. Also, being able to have a variety of foods and snacks as your belly desires. Having a fully equipped gym with accessible trainers if you so need; you can even sign up for spin or yoga classes. There’s even an outdoor running track.

I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE this as my everyday life.

To give us a taste of the cruise life, we will be on a cruise ship starting from the end of March (from New Zealand) until May. This is how we will be heading back towards home (Canada). My solution to NOT being stuck on an airplane for 20 plus hours.

Remember to follow us on Instagram for some videos/pics of our whereabouts and surroundings. You’ll definitely get some insight on the cruise life there.

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  • Reply WTK

    Hi Alicia,

    It’s a great idea to have the cruise life as part of the retirement plan. I conduct some research on this aspect. I note that it will cost around $40,000 to travel on the cruise per year. This is with the assumption that the daily cost of the cruise is about $100 plus. All the accomandation (inclusive of food, entertainment, rest etc) have been taken care of. This can be considered as part of world trip albeit by way of sea.

    It will be an another areas of horizon as per one’s perspective.


    February 24, 2019 at 9:45 am
    • Reply Alicia

      Hi WTK, your number sounds about right in our opinions. It definitely would be a nice, relaxing travel life; something that we are considering. 😊

      February 27, 2019 at 8:02 pm

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